CommonPlaces needed a new, up to date website that was easy for the Marketing team to work with, while having a more modern look and user experience. 

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Alan Smith Pools

Alan Smith Pools requested a completely new project that was simple to maintain and could showcase their work as visually as possible. This means photo galleries and graphics are plentiful and straightforward to update.

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Blue Sky BioServices

Being my first project at CommonPlaces, my role in this project consisted of planning, designing, as well as development using a proprietary CMS. 

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Epsilon Agility Loyalty

While this was not my project originally, I have been contributing it often since this site was redesigned and built at CommonPlaces, and assisted with the original development while still learning how Drupal works.

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Axeda requested a new responsive design for their Drupal 6 website. My job consisted of creating a new modern design, and then building out a custom theme.

It was a unique project that required custom icons and graphics. In November of 2014, this redesign won a MobileWebAward for Outstanding Achievement in Mobile Development.

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